The term team building  refers to the selection, development, and collective motivation of result-oriented teams.


Team building is pursued via a variety of practices, such as group self-assessment and group-dynamic games, and generally sits within the theory and practice of organizational development.

When a team in an organizational development context embarks upon a process of self-assessment in order to gauge its own effectiveness and thereby improve performance, it can be argued that it is engaging in team building, although this may be considered a narrow definition.


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By clarifying the goal, and building ownership across the team
By identifying the inhibitors to teamwork and removing or overcoming them.

Byetting involved in your project and committing ourselves to making it a success.
By offering top-quality, professional services.


To assess itself, a team seeks feedback to find out both:

  • its current strengths as a team

  • its current weakness

To improve its current performance, a team uses the feedback from the team assessment in order to:

  • identify any gap between the desired state and the actual state

  • design a gap-closure strategy


Because of the strength of our company and the negotiating power this gives us.
Because of our teamsí experience, professionalism and commitment.
Because of the extensive knowledge of destinations which we can place at your disposal.
Because of our excellent service.


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